Patty for Senate

Tell your friends & family about Patty!

Want to talk to your friends, family and neighbors in SD 10 about why Patty is the right choice? 

In the State Senate, Patty Schachtner will bring people together to find solutions, just like she has been doing in her work to fight addiction and address the mental health crisis in western Wisconsin. Patty will put people, not politics, first. Here are some other things about Patty that might be useful in conversations with friends and family:

  • She has been an E.M.T., worked in health care in the local schools, and is now the county medical examiner

  • mom of six, grandmother of nine

  • active in her local community, serving on the school board & previously on the town board

  • graduate of WITC, has taught tech college classes and will support more access to job training

  • will fight against policies that make it harder for people to get health insurance

  • will work to cut taxes for the middle class

  • will protect local control and be a strong voice for Western Wisconsin

  • will work to protect our environment to protect our clean air and water and so that future generations are able to enjoy the outdoors

  • will prioritize education and make sure our local schools have what they need to help all our kids succeed